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Developing a "focused social media" to utilize brain power of millions for common goals from inception of an idea to its implementatation.

We have learned how to exploit idle capacity of computers' power through "Cloud Computing". The most powerful computer ever known in the universe is our brains.
Let’s utilize this huge resource and mobilize millions of individuals’ minds and discover unimaginable territories.
Countless number of social media fundamentally changed our world. We are sharing our personal information with friends and family through Facebook or exchanging our professional skills or ideas through LinkedIn. Companies are using this information to advertise their products more efficiently. Obviously it does not stop there. Some say it caused social movements or digital revolutions in Middle East. Social media facilitate an unprecedented level of communication among hundreds of millions of people. What is missing is “focus”. This monster is a mess. It kills millions of peoples’ time every day. It is really hard to extract any valuable information from a humongous number of data which most of it is useless.
We are entering into a new world that needs collaboration to succeed. Challenges are growing exponentially which individuals are mostly unable to resolve them alone. Thanks to the internet, we learned how to exploit unused power of computers through cloud computing and decentralizing the digital processes, break them down into tiny tasks and let thousands of computers handle them simultaneously. Imagine if we could exercise the same with individual minds. I name it “Cloud Thinking”.
“Cloud Thinking” is freely participating in a virtual team that is “focused to achieve a common goal”. It is about “DO”ing things and making actual progress. Individuals would “share their intelligence” to implement, develop or extend an idea. Someone puts a seed and someone else waters it and the idea might grow like tree. From the seed to any branch, the “Cloud Thinking” website “keeps track” of "the contributors".


Closing Statement from Farzad Ahmadpour

I believe the open Source Programming Framework can be applied in ANY Field. The idea is to have people to collaborate without any coordination. That is how Open Source Programming works. Any person can contribute at any time to any part of the project as long as they obey the Framework. Each contributiuon would have a unique Tag which is derived from the person's Name, The Time of Contribution and the Type of Contribution. So the contributor and his/her contribution will be recorded for future use.
Projects can be colonized and can be derived from each others. Projects can be initiated or branched off by a breakthrough idea. Break throughs may create a new framework. Some frame work would evolve and absorb more contributors and some may die of.
Projects can joine each others by defining a new framework. The growth process of each project is evolutionary like.

Cloud Thinking is a natural byproduct of cloud computing since there is a merge between machines and humans are already happening.

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    Apr 1 2013: This is a really cool idea,
    The first thing that comes into my mind is to encourage collaboration for a goal in the same way that massive multiplayer games do. I know people who spend more hours a week playing games than going to school! If all these geek hours can be utilized for real life specific goals, the possibilities are limitless.

    And there would be a legitimate excuse to spend our time in dark basements eating Doritos.

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