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Space jumping destructive? Or is folding and unfolding the solution?

The existence of a space jump is most common known from sci-fi

Mankind will be able to do it at some point in the future. But imagine the energy needed to perform a space jump. It could be equivalent to 1 or 2 suns to jump to the other side of our galaxy? Or to another galaxy. The point of entry could be most dangerous by leaving that part of space with such force (produced by the energy it uses to create a huge space jump) could destroy a solar system? A planet? And the same problem remains with exiting space jumping.

Folding and unfolding space is also as dangerous as space jumping but uses less explosive energy to do it. Imagine a exiting the folding space by stretching out space in front of you how far does that reach? And how wide? It could rip apart planets or solar systems... The scientists of nowadays have beautiful talks of space travelling soon but it seems like interstellar travel is far away with problems like these how to contain such forces of energy.

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    Mar 19 2013: danger is something we tolerate quite well
  • Mar 19 2013: Toine - This is science fiction.
    I have another game I play. I imagine there are chariot lanes next to the freeway. During congested times - the chariots would be passing me. Things do not always get faster or better, nor are the laws of physics written where all we can dream about really can happen.
    • Mar 19 2013: Depends since we do know a bit about space and how it works...

      They even recently tested a small space bubble which expands space behind a vessel and shrinks in front...
      That is bending space to your will... So I think space jumping and folding and unfolding will definitely be a reality at some point in the future (but hasent been thought trough yet)