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How can we encourage children to start recognizing (and rising above) category boundaries from a young age?

"All conventions are boundaries, waiting to be transcended." (Cloud Atlas)

Perhaps learning from a young age to reject absolutes, to break down boundaries and embrace complications, would dissolve racial discrimination, sexism, sexuality based violence, religious intolerance, and the other social stereotypes and personal limitations created by labels.

I think being able to recognize boxes is the first step to improving our ability to "think outside the box".


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    Mar 21 2013: Certainly, getting fictional and historical kids books and films that involve boundary breakdowns into schools would be fantastic! I think we should keep an eye out for how we look at history too, like you said about the gladiators, it's so true, we even have fun gladiator costumes, while I can't imagine seeing someone wear a yellow star of David on Halloween -- I certainly did not know until later in high school that gladiators were slaves and not just cool ancient action heroes. I will definitely not say we should make whatever expressions people want to use illegal (excepting straight hate speech) in the interest of a singular "correct" way to learn about something, but rather, providing our children with multiple perspectives is key to getting them to learn to look for different dimensions themselves!

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