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How can we encourage children to start recognizing (and rising above) category boundaries from a young age?

"All conventions are boundaries, waiting to be transcended." (Cloud Atlas)

Perhaps learning from a young age to reject absolutes, to break down boundaries and embrace complications, would dissolve racial discrimination, sexism, sexuality based violence, religious intolerance, and the other social stereotypes and personal limitations created by labels.

I think being able to recognize boxes is the first step to improving our ability to "think outside the box".


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    Mar 20 2013: Yeah actually those would be fantastic starts, basically to hire positive psychologists for all K-12 schools and have maybe middle school and high school students choose a TED talk each week to summarize and discuss with the class. That could do a lot to remedy the distressing fact that we expose students to so little, and focus so hard on telling them what they are doing "wrong". Additionally I think allowing students to jump a grade or two ahead or "fall behind" in more areas than math would mean a lot to the kids who get frustrated, and would instantly teach them through example and practice that boundaries are constructs.

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