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Organized planning of your "want-to-do-section"

Being a person with a broad spectrum of interests it is impossible to do everything you want at once. One week you are spending to much time on one particular thing but you forget the rest, and the other week vice versa. Or one day you do one thing very quickly, go to the other and another, and you end up doing nothing.

So, I came up with the idea of putting all my interests on paper and determined how much time I wanted to spent on each section PER WEEK. (want-to-do-section)

As for example:
- Spend 2-3 hours on the TED-forum
- 1 hour particular sports-forum
- 1 hour reading of think and grow rich (great book by the way)
- 1 hour reading Chakra workbook
- 1 hour listening to Tony Robbins

Of course there are other things like, work, meditation, Karate, cooking, ... But those I had put in the section of things "must"-do everyday.

That way you can choose out of the "want-to-do-section", on that certain day you want it for a certain moment of time. So you don't go doing one thing for ten minutes the other for 20 minutes and actually not being productive instead.

Hope this makes sense for y'all and it gives you an idea to sort of do the same, or pick something out of it!


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    Mar 18 2013: Many people make such plans in their own way as a baseline and then make adjustments as needed. Congratulations on your finding a planning strategy that is working for you.
  • Mar 19 2013: I kind of have embraced my having a lot of interests and end up doing something else every day. As I live day by day. I want to do something different and learn something different every day. This might be completely against people who need to plan, but I found that freestyling suited me and makes me happy. And in the end that is what counts for me :)

    But the 'things I want to do every day' or more to support my 'doing something new' as exercise. eating good. drinking a lot of water. sleeping enough give me enough energy so I am ready for my new experiences.
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      Mar 20 2013: Hey Robbert-Jan

      What matters is that you find your own way. If not planning is what suits you, then that is what you should go for. It's like a diet, there is no diet that suits for 1,000,000 people, everybody needs to adapt different kind of diets to himself, so they learn what they can eat and what not. As long as you're improving yourself daily, anything works!! :) Peace