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Should Talent Shows Be Allowed to Do this?

There are a number of talent shows that provide the platform for dreamers to actualize themselves. However, many of these dreamers might not fit into our definition of what a "valuable" person should look or sound like. So after the person appears on these shows and performs what we don't agree upon, you see him or her becoming the topic of the next jokes, a subject of ridiculing and their performance is usually posted on the web for many months, maybe years later!, by multiple people, with millions of views and thousands of degrading and insulting comments.

Is this okay? Don't they surf the internet too? Shouldn't this be banned under the concept of cyber bullying?

Would value your input, thank you!


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  • Mar 18 2013: Yes.

    It would be impossible to ban insults and "bullying" from the internet, but it would also be unwise. Anyone can be insulted by almost anything. What some people call an act of love other people call pornography. This was demonstrated at my work place recently when a few individuals complained that they were offended by couples who were holding hands while walking in the halls, and the administration tried to ban this practice.

    Banning insults is censorship, which requires human censors, who have human weaknesses and human limitations. There is no one wise enough for the job. It has been tried again and again, and it does not work well for anyone.

    So yes, talent shows should be allowed to do this. And no one should be required to watch them.
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      Mar 30 2013: Thank you. Yes I agree, banning does not work. But are you suggesting to let people directly insult others because we can't control them?
      • Mar 31 2013: Your question contains the answer. We cannot control them, and we have no power either to "let" or "ban" their insults. It is like asking whether we should allow the sun to shine. Instead of trying to stop the sun from shining, buy sunglasses for yourself, or just look the other way.

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