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Should sports be made a part of higher education??

Most of the higher education colleges, do not include sports n games as a regular item in the schedule...but organising sports events once a year where the students have to play is not justified....regular sports should be included in their educational curriculum...
what are your views??

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    Mar 18 2013: At the universities I have attended or where I have taught or where my children have gone, there are a variety of physical education courses students can take for credit as well as intramural sports and competitive athletics against other schools. Not everyone is eligible for the competitive events against other schools.

    I have never had any connection to a university that requires students to play in an annual sporting event.

    Interestingly MIT, one of the best known schools for science and math in the world, continues to have on its books as a graduation requirement that students need to demonstrate they can swim.
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      Mar 19 2013: hey Fritzie..
      thanks for the reply...
      i totally agree to your point....
      there should be regular physical activities....n ot everyone being eligible for the competitive events...
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    Mar 19 2013: Hi VIshesh,
    I think that sports should be on par with day to day curriculum that is being followed by all the educational institutions within the country.keeping a view on the brighter side of it and looking at the growth in the interest of children towards different genre of sports i think the higher authorities of each and every institution need to take steps further to initiate and implement the necessity of sports in day to day life of children along with their ongoing curriculum.
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      Mar 19 2013: thanx Chetan....
      agreed with you...
      many students have ability to play good....but since we consider only studies as most important, the talent is surpressed..
      regular sports should be mandatory..
      what do you think?
  • Mar 19 2013: we did have sports class in the first year studying at university.I also learnt TaiJi from my university sports' teacher:Every morning,we got up early and learnt from sport's teacher in campus playground.When I recalled it now,it is a such happy time.And more I still play it occasionally.
    So I think in the first year of university study,it is good to have sports curriculum.
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      Mar 19 2013: thank you..
      yeah i think sports should be included in the schedule that the interested students can play...
      to speak about my college....we have full day classes from Monday-Saturday...
      we hardly get time for activities whether at college or outside.....
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    Mar 18 2013: Students should be encouraged to participate in sports and games, some would discover their exceptional abilities and most likely make a career of it. But it should be voluntary.
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      Mar 19 2013: Thanks Feyisayo..
      yea it should be voluntary..but the colleges should include it so that the students get a chance for it..