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What was the greatest decade or era for music?

I find myself listening more and more to music that was made 15-20 years ago. I am becoming more and more digusted with the current music industry. There is no talent. With the advent of autotune and voice sythesizers any smuck can stroll into a studio and sing well. Not to mention the worthless characters that just happen to manage to make it big. It makes me sick.


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    Apr 2 2011: I agree with you Colby, I'd say probably 60s - 80s was the best time for music. But then, I also have to admit that this is very subjective. If you ask kids today, their taste is very different and the find cool, what we might consider awful.
    It's like art in general. What do we consider art ? When is something art and when is it just junk ?
    • Apr 2 2011: Harald,

      I totally understand that it is a generational thing. But, artist nowadays have much less talent than before. This is due to all the technology that can make up for the lack of talent. I guess I appreciate hard work and real talent.
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        Apr 2 2011: Colby,
        I agree that technology has helped many performing artists. As a former performing artist who started out with very little technology, and moved through several technological eras, let me tell you that one still has to have talent to get up there and perform.All types of music are interesting to me because they all offer us something different. We can always turn it off or leave the room if it's something we don't enjoy!

        Awwww....but I remember meeting Revett in San Francisco during the folk era, and that was very special:>)
    • Jun 26 2011: Ultimately there is no greatest era, nor does there have to be. People are attracted to different styles and genres and eras based on their exposure to certain types of musics at different times of their lives and the degree of exposure to which they had.

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