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What was the greatest decade or era for music?

I find myself listening more and more to music that was made 15-20 years ago. I am becoming more and more digusted with the current music industry. There is no talent. With the advent of autotune and voice sythesizers any smuck can stroll into a studio and sing well. Not to mention the worthless characters that just happen to manage to make it big. It makes me sick.


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  • Jun 26 2011: To be alive in the time of Mozart would be to like living today with how we feel about the internet. We are starting to explore its possibilities and creativity sparks, just like people in the Baroque era were fascinated with harmony. What came to western music after the invention of tonal harmony is literally everything you hear now to say the least. Makes me excited, then, for what the internet will have done for us 400 years from now... :)

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