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What contribution does mythology make towards the improvement of society?

On one side we have sciences and technology,which have eased our lives through inventions but what is the contribution of mythology?


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Thank you all for your answers...

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    Mar 25 2013: I asked my friend to write a comment for this question. This is his response.

    "The purpose of mythology is to relate and connect people to their environment. Not only in accordance with nature but also the landscape of the soul or the psyche, depending on if you are religious or not.

    Nowadays mythology does little good because many religious followers are living under a set of broken myths. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have adopted myth to serve religion to subjugate their believers. Religion often does this. Joseph Campbell once called religion the misinterpretation of myth.

    Mythology does not have to be religious. Mythology is not a message from god, it is a message from your ancestors who were one with nature and used mythology as a psychological tool to keep their people attuned to nature. Consider the American Indians and their way of life.

    The archetypical images of mythology are etched in the psyche and while they are not real in a material sense, they have psychological powers that are manifest in dreams. If an individual or a society has a common dream, the power of what these archetypical images represent comes forth. This power is psychological and real in the sense that our psyche can utilize it to empower us to steadfastly stay on a track that will allow us to attain our dreams, real life goals.

    The hero is the central image of mythology. The hero having conquered his demons and achieved his dream choses to vanquish what is considered detrimental to a healthy condition. He is a doctor, a fireman, a provider of justice. All are archetypical images that came from the psyche and I ask you are they real?

    It is important to realize myth is a psychological mechanism that when properly utilized it gives a society and an individual cohesion. It links people together towards a common goal and at this time, there is no common goal. We are all stuck in the egoistic stalemate of individualism."

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