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What contribution does mythology make towards the improvement of society?

On one side we have sciences and technology,which have eased our lives through inventions but what is the contribution of mythology?


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Thank you all for your answers...

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  • Mar 21 2013: Often priests were a source of knowledge and education.

    A common believe helps you form a bond, something you and your neighbors have in common that makes it easier to lead people, form countries and work together for a common goal.

    It established rules and some kind of punishment. Even when the chances of getting away with a crime are present, you maybe refrain from doing something "evil" because a higher power will punish you even if people don't.

    It establishes trust. If that other person has a good live, he or she is probably a good person. So you can trust him or her, work together, trade and form agreements. The belief that a higher being punishes or rewards a person might help get rid of suspicion, which is a huge advantage in building a society.

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