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What contribution does mythology make towards the improvement of society?

On one side we have sciences and technology,which have eased our lives through inventions but what is the contribution of mythology?


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Thank you all for your answers...

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    Mar 20 2013: G’day Khayam

    First of all mythology isn’t just of a religious belief but it is a religion as anything that incorporates a belief/conviction is of religion for example science has certain convictions in knowing how an atom works or the understanding of the theory of relativity it’s all of a religion but it’s not religious. Mythology relates to folklore or of a traditional belief of a myth or practice which sounds very much like a religious practice but not always.

    I don’t believe science as a whole has eased our lives altogether because for one a thousand years ago we didn’t have the threat of a nuclear holocaust wiping out all human kind, this today is even a bigger threat to us than ever which does add to everyone’s stress level. If you look at Iraq for instance I don’t think a lot of boys killed & maimed over there would agree that science has eased our living.

    Is mythology contributing to our existence? If we talk about easing of course it does as anything to do with anything spiritual has but only to those who are open minded to these concepts of understanding however mythology doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of the spiritual either but in the most they are. Mythology is also of any belief in certain myths for example Australian aboriginals believe in a rainbow serpent but it’s not because of a religious order but accepted just as truth without doctrines as such that one must follow to be a believer it just is (isness), it’s just of religion a faith/conviction.


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