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Hi all,

In light of TED's recent decision to remove videos that question scientism, I know some of us are thinking that we can't trust TED, or any closed organization, to spread bold and innovative ideas. Some of us are thinking about a free and open platform for doing the same.

Are people interested in the idea of a website to host short user-generated videos describing whatever ideas the speaker thinks are worth sharing?

TED's 18-minute video format has been very successful. So has its diversity of topics, from every branch of science, art, social engagement and personal experience. This could be kept intact.

Quality control is obviously an issue here - I would love to hear some suggestions about how other open-content projects have dealt with that.
Bandwidth would not be a huge issue, as the videos could be uploaded to Youtube and embedded.
The website would need to attract some big names to get the ball rolling - any ideas about how to do this would be welcome.

What do you think?


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  • Mar 18 2013: Kudos to TED for allowing this conversation to take place on their site; I wasn't sure it was pass the moderators.
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      Aja B. 20+

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      Mar 18 2013: We really do welcome criticism and opposing ideas here, Conor, as long as they're posed in a reasonably constructive manner (and aren't a repetition of existing conversation topics).

      The kudos are much appreciated, though. :)

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