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The military are necessary?

In my country we've had a "war" , a battle between the goverment and the FARC the oldest insurgent group In the world! This battles has many nuances in all our history. Despite i'm 17 years i'm profundly antimilitarist because the humanity has to find a way to solve the problems in a ways that not killing each others. It's impossible that a part of the humanity are training for the destruction and dead that can't be! Insted of we fight we can turn military service back in social service for helping people with very tough lifes, build houses and avoid the family violence.


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    Mar 21 2013: Ideally, there would be no need for military service. However, there is in fact a need for it. For example, what would happen if a country like Israel disbanded its military in the name of social well being? As much as we would want the Muslim extremists to set down their arms, and embrace a peace, that would not be. The terror cells would have a field day. Nothing to oppose them, Israel would crumble. Even more would die

    Maybe you don't care what happens to Israel. Well let us say that Colombia disbands their military in the name of social well being. What then is to stop this FARC from seizing control of the country? How would that affect your life?

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