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The military are necessary?

In my country we've had a "war" , a battle between the goverment and the FARC the oldest insurgent group In the world! This battles has many nuances in all our history. Despite i'm 17 years i'm profundly antimilitarist because the humanity has to find a way to solve the problems in a ways that not killing each others. It's impossible that a part of the humanity are training for the destruction and dead that can't be! Insted of we fight we can turn military service back in social service for helping people with very tough lifes, build houses and avoid the family violence.


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  • Mar 21 2013: It is a utopian idea, but logically in my opinion, the people residing within a certain community need to right to defend their ideals against tyranny. As humans develop greater empathy the need to use these weapons may cease as we find ourselves dealing with situations logically. Defense is vital to peace, there are many illogical ideals and a wide array of unique differences from culture to culture. Without defense and citizens having the right to protect themselves, the illogical communities suffering from their ideals and social structure, will resolve their economic, social, or political problems through the theft of the resources to keep control of their power. It is not weapons that are the problem but the people who use them. If the whole world understood the fundamental principles of peace, and worked to develop rather than steal, it wouldn't matter if each person in the world had a gun or bomb. Restricting access to weapons does nothing but create an underground black market for the few irrational people focused on stealing from other areas rather than be a productive member of a peaceful society, and it would be much cheaper and easier to take down an un-armed community than one with the resources to defend their peaceful ideals. Think about it like this, if i walk into a grocery store (a business developed to provide a wide variety of products at a cheaper price) and i decide to steal a candy bar (an action which is going to force prices to increase to some degree and does not benefit the community what so ever) i am much more likely to steal it from a store with a single, unarmed clerk, than a store with a security guard, alarm system, and surveillance camera's.

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