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What's a project you can do by yourself, in your house, to help save the planet?

In my case, here in Colombia, the goverment doesn't put much effort for save the planet, a few ambientalist groups make some little changes. TED has amazing talks with projects desing by scientists and experts and proven that works but i think what efficient project that i, a committed boy can do in his house for the planet.
I try reduce in my house and reuse objects but here i dont have the options for recycle. So i need a project that is easy to build and could be in almost any house.
(i'm sorry about my english)


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    Mar 26 2013: Hello Sebastian,
    Look for a site called the my.freecycle.org it will help you and your friends to recycle items you don't use anymore but somebody else probably will. Plant flowers in your house!
    Find a small landscape which is abandoned and plant trees!

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