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What's a project you can do by yourself, in your house, to help save the planet?

In my case, here in Colombia, the goverment doesn't put much effort for save the planet, a few ambientalist groups make some little changes. TED has amazing talks with projects desing by scientists and experts and proven that works but i think what efficient project that i, a committed boy can do in his house for the planet.
I try reduce in my house and reuse objects but here i dont have the options for recycle. So i need a project that is easy to build and could be in almost any house.
(i'm sorry about my english)

  • Mar 18 2013: Advocating 'low carbon life' action in your community,espeically do it from kindergarten,primary
  • Mar 18 2013: Plant trees and a garden. Pick up trash.
  • Mar 18 2013: sell your car and grow your own food (vegetables and meat) then never buy any consumer products ever again
  • Mar 19 2013: know thyself
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    Mar 18 2013: I'll simply get on my knees and pray.
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    Mar 26 2013: Hello Sebastian,
    Look for a site called the it will help you and your friends to recycle items you don't use anymore but somebody else probably will. Plant flowers in your house!
    Find a small landscape which is abandoned and plant trees!
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    Mar 20 2013: If I am in my house I am not driving my car.
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    Mar 19 2013: One thing you could do is drink more milk. I was looking at a study that showed the carbon footprint involved in the production/distribution of different foods, and milk had the smallest carbon footprint.
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    Mar 19 2013: Sebastian,
    Your English is fine....a LOT better than my Spanish and French:>)

    Reuse, Recycle, Restore, Renovate, grow some food if you have room, or at least, grow some plants in your's good for our health:>) Lot's of fruits (dwarf plants) and vegetables can be grown in pots. Walk or bike whenever possible rather than using a car. Although you may not have recycling programs, there are many creative ways to use some things over and over again. Use cloth bags for shopping rather than plastic disposable creative:>)
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    Mar 18 2013: is there a lot of graffiti where you live? Is there some way to fight it?
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    Mar 18 2013: . ,
    Advocating "no invalid happiness"! Please!

    (For details, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 10, 14, at

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      Mar 18 2013: how does this relate to his question?
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        Mar 19 2013: .

        Here is a brief:

        (1) Valid happiness is the short-time feeling of things being a-step-better
        . . for keeping our DNA alive.
        (2) Invalid happiness is the short-time feeling of things being pseudo-a-step-better
        . . (actually a-step-“worse”) for keeping our DNA alive.
        . . E.g. having junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, abusing drug,
        . . .... wasting (fashion, big house, touring, .... causing environment crisis),
        . . .... making too much money (causing inequality, crimes, wars, ....
        . . .... "destroying our planet", .... human self-extinction).
        (3) “Invalid happiness” is out of the valid scope of our instincts formed 10,000 years ago.

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          Mar 19 2013: Mr. Ying, doesn't it seem like he is oriented toward valid happiness? He is asking how to treat the planet well. But does your comment suggest you are worried he will go toward invalid happiness?
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        Mar 20 2013: to greg dahlen's just above. .
        Hi, Greg,

        Sorry! I express myself badly.
        Let me try to put it this way:

        If humankind could quit all their invalid happiness, we would save about 90% of all resources (including environment, energy, ....). Thus, we can treat our planet much better.

  • Mar 18 2013: Good English Sebastian. The only criticism you might get is from a jerk. That serves a purpose in itself - jerks are no fun to be around. Your English is good. My Japanese, Russian, Korean,etc. are worse than my Spanish so people take pity on me and talk in English or it shifts into gestures. In my travels in the past - gestures worked fine. H.G. Wells noted that Pidgin could be an adequate form of communication most of the time. Back to the point They have pointed out good ideas in the other comments. I would also tell people that the number of people in the World matters. There can be too much of a good thing. Godspeed.