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Is a persons reality, meaning, and purpose determined by their choice of study/job?

We each end up choosing, either randomly or due to interest a discipline to pursue in college, or generally in life. For example, a person who chooses medicine spend most of their life in a hospital instead of traveling and seeing the world. There's always that exception of people switching careers suddenly due to hating what they do. But, in reality, most people tend to settle with what they have and not peruse any other kind of mental stimulation or excitement or desire to truly learn out of interest and self-betterment.

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  • Mar 23 2013: My job supports my reality and meaning and that is what keeps me highly engaged with it. I am grateful to have the opportunity to earn an income In a way that is meaningful to me. It is also true that my job has informed my reality over the years and as Bob says, I feel my reality, meaning and purpose would be different had a I chosen a different career or line of study. While I am sure that there is an element of randomness to these " choices" I also feel that active decisions pull or push us in directions that are consistent with our own values if we let them and have the opportunity to do so..

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