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Should America withdraw as the world "police / peace keepers"?

In 1945, America came out of the war one of the strongest of all of the major participants.
It began to assume the role of a world police/peace keeper promoting it's ideals and political sentiments in an effort to end future conflicts. Of course, there were other competing forces in the world with differing ideas on the world thus creating new conflicts.
70 years later, America spends amounts on it's military that is more then most countries economies. Money that could probably be better spent.
America has based military units per a number of treaties in countries around the world providing host countries with a sense of security and a lower defense budget.

Is it necessary for America to continue this process?

What would be the effect on current world conflicts if America withdraws it's foreign based forces?

Should America honor it's existing treaties or create new accommodations to meet current world political views?

Would America be or feel more secure if it withdraws?


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    Mar 19 2013: YES
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      Mar 19 2013: Nothing like an affirmative response. Would you care to elaborate? Or would that question evoke a single syllabic response?
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        Mar 19 2013: The U.S. is trying to control something it cannot control. What are the odds of a Iraq becoming a democracy?

        Democracy did occur in China, this was not implemented by war.

        The truth is that the defense contractors are another form of crony capitalism.
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          Mar 19 2013: Iraq, a democracy? Well, it is possible, as there are three divergent religious groups that would have to get together in a democratic way. But, probably not.

          I guess you could say Taiwan is democratic, The mainland, not so much. There was only one party running in the last election. I know the people voted them in, but it lacks that "people had a choice" thing.

          Defense Contractors greasing political palms? That's simply pointing out the obvious.

          Now, if the US did withdraw into Fortress America, the question begs, would we remain strong enough to resist any and all attempts to intrude or invade?
          Would the rest of the world be overcome by war, pestilence and plague?
          Would the American civilization continue to evolve ?
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        Mar 19 2013: Mike, In most cases the US is in a country by treaty, agreemnet, or through a effort by the United Nations where the US carries the major load. I do not always agree. In many cases I think we are intruding on the countries internal affairs and even their soverienty ... that is my opinion. Much of this could have, and should have, been a diplomatic issue ... if we had a Secretary of State which we did not. The US is a failed diplomatic nation.

        The unfortunate truth, again my opinion, is that I do not think any country could take the US by force. The USA will die from within. The current approach to economy, taxation, individual rights, size of government, ignoring factors that have reduced the GDP, unemployment, and the complete disregard for the Constitution has brought the country to its knees and collaspe is not far off.

        As to the rest of your questions only history can answer. The world will not end at the fall of the US. There will be impacts of course .... recall that Britian once was the most powerful country in the world ... when the US took over that title the world did not end.
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          Mar 19 2013: I see your point on the failure of the US to be a "noble" diplomatic nation, I have had concerns about the diplomatic corps since I had to meet with the counsellor in Korea. What a pompous ass. I even wrote to H. Kissinger about his failed post in Korea. Never did get an answer. To this day, I am surprised that South Korea has anything to do with the USA.

          I also agree that we have some internal issues that need to be addressed. I think that most problems will be resolved. The nation has had harder times and came out with it's skin, I have to think it will do so again.

          I am not so sure about your point that there would not much significant difference at the fall of the US and the fall of Great Britain. There weren't countries around to pounce on the British Isles. But consider the plum America would be. Our resources alone would double any major nation in the world. Further. I don't think that GB had the animosity that America enjoys today from many nations.
          I believe there would be an armed aggression to secure the US. I take that from the German Japanese meeting in 1942, where this very discussion was made.
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        Mar 19 2013: The Japanese came to the conclusion that attacking the USA directly would be problematic as the general population was well armed. The administration is attempting to take that problem away. I believe that the military takeover will not be necessary as the US will fall econimically and our departure from a representative republic to our rapid assent to socialism will form partnerships with like defined countries. Our politicians have found they can position themselves above the law and have established a elete status. They have exempted themselves from the very laws they pass that regulated the people they represent. Examples would include Obamacare and Security and Exchange regulations concerning insider trading. They vote themselves raises and perks without consent of the people. Nakita Kruschev (sp) stated the fall of the US will not require one gun shot. I believe he was correct. We continue to follow Keynesian economic models that allow bigger government, deficiet spending, and no concern of trade or GDP balances or importance in relationship to national debit.

        I read articles from other nations that cannot understand the American people who cannot see the dangers that the administration has put us in. We have allowed generational welfare reciepents to be the main factor in the election process. They are being rewarded for not working and the workers / taxpayers are footing that bill. Soon the non-workers will out number the workers and it is over. The history of Argentina is the path of America.

        Thanks for the reply. Bob.
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          Mar 19 2013: That scenario is all too possible. I maybe optimistic enough to think that the people will catch on before we are too far down that road. If the TSA is formed into the national civilian police force as there seems to be a concern, your premise will take a much darker tones.
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        Mar 20 2013: I think that the AG made a political slip on the use of drones on the US citizens and was then directed by POTUS to take that statement back .... I think they are still in play. I am not as worried about TSA as I fear Homeland Security. They are currently not allowed to do their job and ICE is returning all illegal felons back onto the street ... the political plan is to make all illegals ... legal and thus capture the latino vote. Homeland security would be basically out of a job ... even knowing that Homeland Security has ordered two billion rounds of ammo and thousands of armored vehicles ... See Edward Longs conversation. If we are legislating them out of a job how can the orders of ammo and armored vehicles be justified and what other purpose would they be used for. Either someone is to stupid to continue to suck in air or there is a down the road plan that the "transparent" administration has not revealed to us. I like that "transparent" LOL.

        If you are not familiar with UN Article 21 ... the US is implementing it under Rural development. Like it or not Socialism is here and we are seeing even SCOUS finding way to aide in implementing it in the USA. Obamacare is a tax. Where the hell did that come from ... even the Obama team was shocked as they thought it was defeated.

        I am not for sure how much darker the future can get. If people are going to catch it .. you had better tell them we are running out of road.

        Thanks for the reply. Bob.
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          Mar 20 2013: Let me defend SCOTUS.

          What the Chief Justice pointed out is the 16th amendment is an open check signed by Americans given to the congress. All the SCOTUS ruled as constitutional is that the "fee" imposed by not purchasing heath insurance is in constitutional fact a tax that can be imposed by congress. That was the question before the SCOTUS. The constitutionality of the congress doing about anything for the health, welfare, nanny care has long been deemed appropriate.

          The American people, through their states, have permitted congress to strip them of their basic rights and taken their wealth to support all matter of programs, policies having pointed outcomes that could insure ease of re-election. But,
          I could be wrong...
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        Mar 20 2013: Iraq is not going to become a democracy.

        While China is not a democracy the standard of living has improved dramatically.

        That is obvious to some not so much to others...

        America has a albatross around it's neck that could not help but improve the economy which is part of the obvious, at least to me.

        America would evolve quicker without the albatross. Despite what the busy bodies will tell you the world would not be overcome with pestilence etc, but they might learn how to have a better life through the free market.

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