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the idea i am proposing is to change the world using water and love...

It is scientifically proven that water responds to images, words, and emotions, basically frequencies. I propose that by writing the word love on your water bottle you restructure the water to 528 hz, the love frequency which is proven to heal dna and create new neural pathways in the brain. As someone that has been drinking Love Water for 4 months now I have noticed profound effects to my overall well being and even the way i think. The implications are profound. Literally change the world with love. There is so much i would like to explore with this idea and i have many radical theories as to how this can be used.

  • Apr 4 2011: There's a company that makes "love bottles" that have words or prayers printed on the bottle. They are applying what Dr. Emoto discovered. I got mine at the Green Festival in San Francisco, its a little bulky and hard to carry along, so I keep it at work. I love it, I give water to all my clients from it, as well as drinking from it through my workday.
    Isn't all science "faith based"? We have to experiment so we have something to measure, right? Some scientists can be just as narrow minded as some religious extremists.
    Less ego, more wonder, and we might keep this whole thing afloat.
    Bottoms up!
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    Apr 2 2011: What a great idea. I haven't heard much on water reacting to frequencies other than sound and light of course, but I imagine putting love on anything will improve anyone's mood :)
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    Apr 2 2011: "I propose that by writing the word love on your water bottle you restructure the water to 528 hz, the love frequency which is proven to heal dna and create new neural pathways in the brain. "

    Sources please.

    Since our body consist of a majority of water; it makes sense that a healthy supply of water increases productivity. Hydration is essential to keep the mind awake and going. You are definitely thinking in terms of spirituality Jesse, which is great but this could be considered faith-based.
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      Apr 2 2011: There is a lot of information online Dr Masuru Emoto, or David Sereda would be a good place to get started if youre interested in looking, this could be considered spiritual in that water has a spirit/ energy for lack of a better word. When u start to think of love as a frequency instead of an emotion even though they are one and the same, as something that can be produced and spread throughout the population by sending frequencies or just restructuring your water to that frequency I think this is amazing stuff that needs to be researched further. I in the meantime will spend my time sending the message of love and sending out those frequencies to the people around me, I can only hope we all start doing the same. Thank you, and u should try it
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        Apr 2 2011: I can see where this idea is coming from, it is interesting but it appears to me to be like a "personal brainwashing method" granted it is a positive notion and something that could can't do negative. However, I personally already have recognized the emphasis of love and its value/importance to the world. It is the one thing every person wants, on any degree, it is the connector that goes beyond religions, nationalism, and other ideologies. The problem is people are separated by religions, nationalism, and other ideologies.

        So, if your serious start learning "love" in every language. Also read more about what emotions are to the human condition. Figure out what the connections of emotions to intelligence are, and the psychology of reading people's moods. Good luck with your idea hope it works!
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          Apr 30 2011: is there not evidence in struture changes between the two messages?
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    Apr 1 2011: I think if we can get the terrorists drinking love water they wont have much interest in terror anymore
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    Apr 1 2011: what if this technology falls in the hands of terrorists?