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Facing a consistently problematic environment and depleting resources, perhaps we should focus on developing technologies to compensate...

I’m not sure what my stance is on the issue because while some technological innovations seem beneficial, we are very obviously harming the environment and vastly depleting our resources. In a very short time, we will find ourselves without these beautiful lands that not only feed and nourish our Earth and atmosphere, but house an infinite amount of wildlife. Tearing down these environments has proven to be an assault on our livelihood. And I believe that in order to counter this affect, a change in our culture and our beliefs have to first take place.
However, technological innovation has always proven itself as a way to transform and develop society. Time and time again, we have found ourselves and our society moving forward due to new technologies, which is why I think that maybe we shouldn’t focus on saving dying environments and resources, but instead on developing technologies to stand in their places when they’re inevitably gone.

  • Mar 18 2013: In my opinion:

    First, NOTHING could come close to standing in the place of any part of the natural living environment.

    Second, If the natural biological environment dies, so do humans, and technology becomes irrelevant.

    There is no viable choice, we must save the natural environment.
  • Mar 18 2013: Also, I wonder, with new concentrations on the environment, are we acting out of desperation? Because some say that it is too late for the revival of the environment. Technology may be our only hope...Just a thought.
  • Mar 18 2013: I agree @Barry Palmer, humans would not exist without the existence of nature and technology could, in no way take the place of it, or many of our resources. However, a focus on technology could more adequately prepare for nature's decline and with a focus on IT, instead of making green choices, maybe we'll find a way to replenish our environment?
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    Mar 18 2013: .

    You are perfect right that we need
    "a change in our culture and our beliefs have to first take place".

    Or, check the validity of our happiness.

    (For details, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 10, 14, at
  • Mar 18 2013: Maybe a big part of the problem is people more and more and more of them. A tech fix might be better for some problems than others.