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How many hours should one work per day?

Doing our jobs effectively helps an economy to grow. How much hours in a day should one work? Too many hours takes a lot of time from your personal life - you live for your job. Unfortunately it's exhausting so eventually you'll get tired mentally, which influence your effectiveness. Few hours could possibly hurt the economy (when implemented on whole society) and the company that you work in. But this way, the job is only part of your life, that helps you enjoy it.

How many hours make the balance?

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  • Mar 19 2013: When I was stationed in Germany over a decade ago, the common work schedule for most civilian/host nationals was Tuesday through Friday; 7am to 5pm except on Friday's which was until about 3pm, Perhaps my memory is cloudy, however this was very productive. Work was completed and most were socializing by 4pm over an alcoholic libation.

    I comment on this because few felt they didn't have time to complete necessary task, didn't have time for family, or a combination of the two. The military member however had quite a different view; though that is for another dialogue. What I observed was while there were fewer hours worked, more seemed to get accomplished. This seemed because people had their free-time respected and knew the expectations of the workplace.

    I am fairly sure times have changed. Wouldn't it be grand if most people could work Tuesday through Thursday ten or twelve hours a day, off by noon on Friday, and not be back into work until Tuesday? I believe a lot more could be accomplished, people would be happier and healthier, and (dare I say) perhaps find more gratitude.

    My opinion only...
    • Mar 19 2013: Sounds nice! Though I'm against working above 9 hours. BTW how much time it took to get to work? In my country I spend 3 hours on the roads every day (both directions). When working 9 hours, and spending 3 hours on the roads, not much is left as free time...
      • Mar 20 2013: Time to work depended on where you lived. Some people lived a few minutes from work; others four or more towns away. It really just depended. People worked more during the day to have time away from work. 30-40 hours was worked during those days. It worked well and people seemed to like it fine.

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