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What if every full-time employee volunteered one week of every year?

I have for years now felt that just 1 week of our time per year could evoke huge change, not only our countries landscape and start to heal us BUT how about opening our eyes to see the wonderful reward one would feel by making that the norm a part of our year/years?! AND what if the government gave a nice tax advantage to the companies that particied in such a concept....


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  • Mar 24 2013: My company is a large Australian bank and all employees are encouraged to use their two paid volunteering days a year to volunteer in their local community. Last year I think about 45% of the available days were used. There are some basic workplace health and safety issues to be covered off on before you can volunteer with an organisation and it needs to be a not for profit that is not a political organisation.

    I don't believe there are any tax breaks or government incentives involved, the company just wants to be a good corporate citizen and sees the value in engaging with the community at this level.

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