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What if every full-time employee volunteered one week of every year?

I have for years now felt that just 1 week of our time per year could evoke huge change, not only our countries landscape and start to heal us BUT how about opening our eyes to see the wonderful reward one would feel by making that the norm a part of our year/years?! AND what if the government gave a nice tax advantage to the companies that particied in such a concept....


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  • Mar 21 2013: I once had three months to donate as volunteer time. I tried three different organizations and I found none of them was capable or willing to use anything close to the talents I have. I am a highly technical IT professional. I am an accomplished technical writer. I am a specialist in analyzing an improving office processes. I predict that it would be a rare non-profit that would make meaningful use of this one week of free labor. The experience is likely to be more negative than positive for most participants.
    • Apr 1 2013: Greetings Li, Perhaps you should create something yourself that lets you use your talents. I think that would be wonderful. I am on the board of a local ballet company that could use some good web design, but it is hard to get someone who can put in the time that is needed to do it right. Look and you will find a way to use your talents. Good luck to you.

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