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What if every full-time employee volunteered one week of every year?

I have for years now felt that just 1 week of our time per year could evoke huge change, not only our countries landscape and start to heal us BUT how about opening our eyes to see the wonderful reward one would feel by making that the norm a part of our year/years?! AND what if the government gave a nice tax advantage to the companies that particied in such a concept....


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  • Mar 20 2013: To all of you that replied, I feel we are all wanting the same thing BUT we see it as something that just won't fly or as a more individual endeavor...I am trying to make it as normal as recycling...every year one week by all.YES the outward change and bettering of our country would occur naturally BUT our insides , now there the change could be magical and then? the power of paying it forward would keep on going and going and become infectious! Just dreaming...

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