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What if every full-time employee volunteered one week of every year?

I have for years now felt that just 1 week of our time per year could evoke huge change, not only our countries landscape and start to heal us BUT how about opening our eyes to see the wonderful reward one would feel by making that the norm a part of our year/years?! AND what if the government gave a nice tax advantage to the companies that particied in such a concept....


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  • Mar 18 2013: Thank you both for commenting..NOW lets dream for just one moment and think WHAT our country would look like if such a program existed...a charity would have to get pre-approved to become a part of select charities that one could choose from...so instead of Habitat for Humanity hoping to build that much needed home in a week but would need more hands to help..they could build 10 homes in a week?! OR a soup kitchen would have a sign up sheet that volunteers would have to wait their turn to... DO GOOD?! How would we as humans start to feel...would we start to see things a bit more clearly, with open hearts and open minds and find humility again and throw gluttony to the wayside? In ref. to the tax break, any incentive could be offered and soon there would not NEED to be an incentive for companies to pay for that week so their employees could go out and volunteer to help make our today and tomorrow a better place?! And seriously, IF you only knew all the BAD places your tax dollars were going, you would cheer for this, um yeah..REALLY you would, PLEASE!
    • Mar 19 2013: It is interesting that we have a charity called Mobile Meals of the Grand Strand. Our overhead is exceptionally low since all we have to pay for are food and vehicles. All of our approximately 100 people who drive the vans, serve as runner, serve as packers, interviewers, serve on the three branch boards and serve on the main board of directors are volunteers. We have no paid employees. We serve meals Monday through Friday throughout the year including holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have not had any real problems getting volunteers. There is another Helping Hands program in our area that pays very low salaries to the Director and a small number of employees and has very competent people running it. In many instances you have people who are retired and were CEO's or Directors when they held a job who volunteer to help lead local charities. This is a good thing. I totally disagree that high salaries need to be paid to a "CEO." I do agree that philanthropy is very important to all charities. It is because of those with a lot of money that we can keep charities in operation. We seem to be teaching our children that it is all about money and you need to make large sums in order to be successful. That is unfortunate.

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