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Could Non-profit Organizations lead to a real social/economic system transformation?

What if Non-profit organizations working on quality of life / social improvements would be the motor for the system transformation, they would be measured in terms of money revenues but in terms of more human social achievements... What if the governments would administer and fund NPOs to make social improvements for their people instead of depending on charity?


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  • Mar 21 2013: Certainly. But it will require a different approach to what we're currently doing as a society.

    I actually have been working to solve this very problem, with a new form of worldview-based NPO think/do-tank. I and my partner describe it in video (2:45) and writing in our submission for the Knight Foundations News Challenge grants program.

    I'd be *very* interested in hearing your thoughts on it: http://kng.ht/ZTZCkz

    If you like the idea, please take a minute to "Applaud" it.

    We think we've hit on something pretty innovative.


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