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Can "mental illness" sometimes be a part of what a person is rather than illness?

I am feeling like there is all the time coming more and more diagnosis for different kind of mental illnesses by the day. Could it be that something labelled outside the norm would actually be a part of who somebody is rather than illness?

If trend goes on like this could soon everyone who is outside some narrow standard norm be mentally ill ?


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    Mar 18 2013: G'day Kalle

    To me everyone to some extent in their lives has had or has a psychological problem because it how you perceive a psychological problem if it's a problem at all.

    Example: I see all conflicts a problem for the psych this includes any bias or prejudice attitudes towards others & our environment so what I am saying it's all to do with conflicts of one sort or another.

    All mental conflicts are of the psych therefore it wouldn't matter if it was a part of the person or not it's still of the psych/mental illness & any mental illness denotes conflicts, no matter how many labels you put on these illnesses they still just denote conflicts within the psych.


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