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Can "mental illness" sometimes be a part of what a person is rather than illness?

I am feeling like there is all the time coming more and more diagnosis for different kind of mental illnesses by the day. Could it be that something labelled outside the norm would actually be a part of who somebody is rather than illness?

If trend goes on like this could soon everyone who is outside some narrow standard norm be mentally ill ?

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    Mar 18 2013: G'day Kalle

    To me everyone to some extent in their lives has had or has a psychological problem because it how you perceive a psychological problem if it's a problem at all.

    Example: I see all conflicts a problem for the psych this includes any bias or prejudice attitudes towards others & our environment so what I am saying it's all to do with conflicts of one sort or another.

    All mental conflicts are of the psych therefore it wouldn't matter if it was a part of the person or not it's still of the psych/mental illness & any mental illness denotes conflicts, no matter how many labels you put on these illnesses they still just denote conflicts within the psych.

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    Mar 17 2013: i would say it does not matter. if someone wants a part of his/her personality out, and there is a way to do so, let's get it out. but without the person's consent, it is immoral to do anything, let it be illness or not. so for me, it is a matter of definition, and bears no relevance.
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    Mar 17 2013: Just consider the source. The symptoms are made up by the same people who make money from the prescriptions.

    Of course people will take the crap and it becomes a placebo for them.

    "If trend goes on like this could soon everyone who is outside some narrow standard norm be mentally ill ?"

    Exactly, this trend started in the late 1800s and has brought us wonderful activities such as
    the practice of Eugenics, school shootings, and the meme that psychology is the new religion which is supposed to subjugate religion and has been instrumental in the spread of communism.
  • Mar 17 2013: I have yet to meet a normal person and I have met many many people.
    But to answer your question: You have a good point there and we all have some form of mental illness but usually on a very mild scale. I think if someone was to be labeled "normal", the rest of us could find a few flaws in that person.
    Personality: I enjoy being abnormal. It makes me who I am.
  • Mar 18 2013: As long as mental therapists continue to get paid by the hour, the number of mental illnesses will continue to increase.
  • Mar 18 2013: From what I have found... Yes; "mental illness" has starting becoming what a person is as opposed to being a part of that person. Through my own personal work experience I've worked with many people who utilize their diagnosis to define who they are and give reason to why they act a certain way with the intent of not trying to change their behaviors. I relentlessly try to educate these individuals and empower them to understand that a diagnosis does not define who they are as a person, they define what role the diagnosis will take within their lives as they wish.

    The problem with the increase in the diagnosing of individuals I believe has come to be with the development of the very detailed DSM... anybody can buy it and use it... and if you meet certain criteria, you are automatically "labeled" instead of learning more about the underlying issues of causation.
  • Mar 17 2013: Hello Kalle,

    There is research that indicates that much of our mental health conditions today result from mineral and vitamin deficiencies. My 12 year old son diagnosed bipolar at 7 dealt with issues of extreme rage. Though medicated and constantly, the symptom of rage would still surface. I began doing my own research and learned that unexplainable rage and anger could be traced to a problem with ratios of minerals in scientific studies. The most important ratio related to anger and rage is calcium to copper. It should be 1 to 1. We had my son's hair tested for mineral analysis and determined that many of his ratios and levels were out of range. His copper was extremely high and he had levels of mercury and other toxic metals due to lower amounts of buffering minerals. 3 months ago we started him on a good multi-mineral and a combination of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and nutrients to balance the entire body including the mind under the care of holistic board certified physician. His improvement has been remarkable What is really interesting is the response I received from his psychiatrist where sharing the opinion from the results of the tests. That, however, is another story.

  • Mar 17 2013: no because the norm is controlled by what the majority is and how it acts mentally ill people are mentally ill because they are varying degrees of different compared to the majority so no is the answer
  • Mar 17 2013: Many mental illnesses are spectrum disorders.
    Most of the good computer people I know are mildly autistic.
    Many good businessmen are sociopaths
    I think if you got rid of all the mentally ill people, it would be a pretty boring world.
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    Mar 17 2013: Interesting. Well, maybe most people really are mentally ill to some point. Violent is the worse aspect.