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redouane soualmi

IPSF AfRO Chairperson, International Pharmaceutical Students Federation

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Can we transform ordinary people into extraordinary people to achieve extraordinary things ?

We have a big deal today ! How to challenge people in our community to be active, more involved everywhere in professional work, volunteer work and with family?
If you are leader of group (work, association, family) how you can transform ordinary people to extraordinary people ?


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  • Mar 17 2013: We have to convince people that there are capable of doing much more than they think they can. So many people simply think about doing sometime meaningful with their lives and never actually do anything. Remember the Nike ad: "Just Do It"
    Don't wait until the "perfect" time to start whatever it is you what to do or achieve...start before you think you are ready. My advice is try doing sometime you've always wanted to do. Extraordinary things can happen can happen to anyone...the only difference between "ordinary" and "extraordinary" people is that extraordinary people do what ordinary people are not willing to do....they are just as capable of doing it, but not willing to do it.

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