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Can something come from nothing??

I was reading some articles on google and I found something very interesting.
This article says that matter can be conjured from vacuum now.
Then does that mean something can come from nothing??
Or is vacuum considered as something??
Also some following questions,
Is time classified as something??
How would you guys explain the first cause? (i.e God, BigBang)


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  • Mar 23 2013: Strictly speaking, since all things come from God, and God is omnipresent, then nothing could come into existence that does not come from God. However, I am no expert in science, and would not claim to know what matter there was at the time of creation. From what I've heard, it seems there must have been some form of energy to start creation, that which we would call God. As Aquinas would prove, there must be something to bring this contingent world, which we know is in a state of existence, from nonexistence into existence. That being, which is from another realm of existence than this one that we know is called God. God is the first cause of everything; it is that simple. And to read it more eloquently than I could ever write, look to Aquinas Five Ways in the Summa.

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