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Can something come from nothing??

I was reading some articles on google and I found something very interesting.
This article says that matter can be conjured from vacuum now.
Then does that mean something can come from nothing??
Or is vacuum considered as something??
Also some following questions,
Is time classified as something??
How would you guys explain the first cause? (i.e God, BigBang)


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  • Mar 17 2013: Chris,
    Hello, thanks for your question. If you take a look at what composes a human being in terms of mass and matter, we are primarily composed of nothing;(a tiny bit of matter, a lot of empty space and electromagnetism to be specific). Yet we, being nearly nothing, think, work, create, motivate and build our reality. There is great cerebral wealth reserved for those that contemplate such bold ideas about reality.

    Good luck

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