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Can something come from nothing??

I was reading some articles on google and I found something very interesting.
This article says that matter can be conjured from vacuum now.
Then does that mean something can come from nothing??
Or is vacuum considered as something??
Also some following questions,
Is time classified as something??
How would you guys explain the first cause? (i.e God, BigBang)


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    Mar 16 2013: Yes, according to the latest astrophysical theory, random changes in the quantum state can create matter from nothing.


    For those who would wish to object on theological grounds - this does not try to replace God. It simply means that God created a universe in which this can happen.
    • Mar 16 2013: Hi Lawren, thanks for your response

      When they are doing this, it's not just random state they require a laser to rip through vacuum.
      Laser is something right?
      Vacuum is nothing.

      Then when something goes into nothing, they become something.
      I am not sure if this proves anything because stream of laser going through this is something, a stream of energy.
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      Mar 17 2013: The power to create-from-nothing is an essential component of any cosmogony. The Holy Bible relies on the power of God, as the uncaused cause, to speak things into existence. The Big Bang Theory relies on the Higgs Boson to cause that which is massless and does not take-up space to suddenly have mass and take-up space. That is why the Higgs Boson is known, colloquially, as the God Particle. The Holy Bible declares that God has no cause, "In the beginning God...". Does Science declare the Higgs Boson has no cause? If not, the search for the beginning must continue.

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