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Why do we need to invest into fundamental scientific research?

I am pretty much interested in correct argumentation why do we need a fundamental science, what are the current and future benefits of fundamental research in areas such as biology, physics etc, and how to explain the necessity of financial support of such projects for general public

  • Mar 17 2013: We do not need to. Investment in scientific research is a choice. The payoffs have proven to be well-worth the investments. Just think of the progress made over just the past 50 years! Basic science gets converted to technological changes that benefit human beings, e.g., medicine, transportation, materials. I hope you are enjoying your use of electricity. I wonder if electron microscopes have had a positive impact on your life. Science is good. Fundamental scientific research is beneficial to humanity. Positive will/positive impact. If there is positive intent in scientific research, it is good.
  • Mar 17 2013: Practical application only comes from an understanding of the fundamentals and that means pure scientific research.
    Take for example the piece of electronics that you are looking at right now. How do you think it was invented.
    Did someone say, I think I will invent the computer today. I can build one with integrated circuits.
    But how were integrated circuits developed. From an understanding of transistors.
    But how were transistors developed. From an understanding of quantum theory
    But how was quantum theory developed. From a question about how light shone in particular wavelengths when you heated a gas.
    When you ask a question you never know where it will lead.
    That is why fundamental research, without regard for its immediate potential is important for our civilization.
    You never know where an much needed answer will pop out from seemingly unrelated science.
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    Gail .

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    Mar 17 2013: How to explain what you call a necessity? You don't. You can't. And it has nothing to do with you. It has to do with us. We don't trust those who make such decisions for us because they have so badly abused their power and assumed authorities that they were never meant to have. They do not make wise decisions, and even the best of offers is accompanied by the inclusion of a barbaric mandate.

    Example: There is a real reason why our government isn't promoting meditation, that is known to cure or alleviate so many illnesses and prevent so many deaths.. That's because Big Pharma is profitable, but meditation is free. Profits fund political campaigns that keep incumbents in office where they profit from the ability to use their office to become wealthy at our expense. Not only that, but regular meditation eliminates fear and stress, and we are manipulated by our fears that our officials keep shoving down our throats in order to get us to vote for them.

    In the final scheme of things, I don't want government funding ANYTHING on my behalf. I would like to know what is happening so that I can personally fund those programs that I would like funded. When I am forced (in order to survive) to fund anything that is not an absolute necessity, then I am turned into a slave, and slavery is never kind - even if the slave master calls itself Big Brother.
    • Mar 17 2013: Thank you very much for this comment. A really strong argumentation. You really gave me something to think about.
      I appreciate it.
  • Mar 17 2013: To boldly go where no man has gone before.
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    Apr 8 2013: We have faith that fundamental science will tell us the facts of each branch of science, which kind of answer you some philosophical questions. None of fundamental science experiments or research is very useful at the beginning; they are babies. (You know, cry lots, leaking from time to time, and doesn't seem to understand or communicate well with us.) Until we understand it at some certain level then we can work it out what we can do with it. :)
  • Mar 18 2013: Because knowing the truth is better than not knowing the truth.
  • Mar 17 2013: Nice answer. I really appreciate it!
  • Mar 16 2013: haha how can you even begin to question this of course we need science if everyone had the mindset of spending recourses on problems at the instant we would never have become a modern species science will progress us to a deeper understanding of our universe and how to manipulate it to our advantage and another benefit is correcting people irration incorrect mindsets