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TED involved A connection point between employers and concerned citizens with skills wanting to make a difference.

TED involved.
Mission Statement:
The purpose of TED involved is to connect concerned citizens with skills to jobs that make a difference, volunteer or paying. It takes the applicable talks and links them to an infrastructure of related jobs on a user interface (see user interface example). All the user must do is simply browse the interface for the contact information of the employer or organization. This program is not liable as anything else but a connection point between interested individuals and groups.

The user interface and diagram are to be discussed but here is a rough version of a specific experience.

Main page: List your skills! :_________ (search) OR...
--- you picked |ENERGY|

next page: pick an area... OIL, BIO FUELS, GREEN ENERGY, INFRASTRUCTURE,
--- you picked |GREEN ENERGY|

next page: pick an area.... SOLAR, WIND, WAVE, BATTERIES, ALTERNATIVE
--- you picked |WIND|

next page: (job listings)
- engineers needed to survey potential wind farm.
- labourers needed in contractors installation company
- windmill Mechanic needed for upkeep
- Engineers wanted for research in offshore wind farms
- do it yourself community windmill projects

I hope we can all see this could work and would be a handy tool in relaying concern into change.