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Many people in this world are more famous than me. I guess that means they're better people than me, right? And better than you, right?

I probably don't even need to example some people more famous than me, famous for their positive achievements. Brad Pitt; Bill Gates; Peyton Manning; and so on. If they're more famous than me for good things they've done, that means they're better than me, right? And also better than you, right?


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  • Mar 18 2013: Not necessarily, it simply means they have accomplished something positive in an industry more centered around individuals. Doesn't make them better people, and it doesn't make famous people better people in general (Charlie Sheen comes to mind). Odds are, if you have a job, you are helpful.

    I think you might need to differentiate between success and being an overall good person. People like Brad Pitt earn way more money than most people, and is more well known, so you could say he's a successful person, but being a good person is something you would need to know him more personally. His actions towards others are what would make him a good person.
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      Mar 31 2013: Yeah, in many industries that are oriented towards teamwork, individuals still rise and shine as the famous ones. Football is a team sport, but Peyton Manning, who I mentioned above, has risen and become a star. Moviemaking is a team proposition, it takes many people to make a movie, but Brad Pitt has risen and become a star. Business is a team proposition, it takes many people to run a big business, and yet Bill Gates has risen to become a star.

      Wyatt, I really think that success and being a good person go hand in hand. I don't know that I have to know Brad Pitt, I think in order to be a successful actor he must have talked to and met a lot of different people and really thought about them, thought about them deeply so he can depict them well on the screen. Meeting people, talking to them, thinking about them are things that already make you a good person, they are good things to do. If he were a bad person, noone would want to meet him and talk to him, and therefore he wouldn't have as much to draw on when he gives a performance, and therefore noone would want to watch him act.

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