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What do you think of fear? Do we need? Can you take it out of your life?

i believe fear is useless. I believe it slows down your responses to situations lowers confidence, and fogs up the logic of situations.
When you're faced with a threat and you call Mr. Fear do you think he'll help you better than Mr. Willpower.
And just because you don't have fear doesn't you're Mr. Big Stuff,
or Mr. Hotshot. It means you can live more peacefully, not thinking about all the bad things that can happen to you and get ready for them. I don't feed into fear, I repel it.


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    Mar 22 2013: In a past conversation on spiritual enlightenment a man stated that his quest contained an active state of choosing not to be afraid. I repeated his words to myself and considered the effect the instructions of words produced. Try it. It does appear if you said it repeatedly this line of thought could be made real I CHOOSE NOT TO BE AFRAID

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