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What do you think of fear? Do we need? Can you take it out of your life?

i believe fear is useless. I believe it slows down your responses to situations lowers confidence, and fogs up the logic of situations.
When you're faced with a threat and you call Mr. Fear do you think he'll help you better than Mr. Willpower.
And just because you don't have fear doesn't you're Mr. Big Stuff,
or Mr. Hotshot. It means you can live more peacefully, not thinking about all the bad things that can happen to you and get ready for them. I don't feed into fear, I repel it.


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    Mar 17 2013: Hi Trey, What is fear to you exactly?
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      Mar 17 2013: To me fear stops you from doing certain things. People fear relationships, new places, and other new experiences. I believe fear puts a gap between you and your goal. But without fear people believe you are not human or there is something wrong with you. When you're in certain situations you can experience so much that you might lose your sense of fear because the demands of life can sometimes call you to be bsllsy. For me, it feels like I've done so much of this and experienced so many difficult things that I feel that life just calls for action without fear. I think action first, fear later.

      Oh and also a funny thing as a side note. I have come to be very spiritual. In life I know you must fear something, at least one thing, that makes you human. So I left that fear to God. The great and powerful. I fear something that I may never see, so I guess things I encounter on a regular basis don't scare me so much because there seems to be a reason for every living creature, every dangerous moment.
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        Mar 17 2013: Fear has to do with our sense of safety and security. Many people feel uncomfortable without these feelings. But fear and desire for safety and security limit our freedom as you pointed out - we are afraid to go places and do things, we let TSA search us, we let government monitor our bank accounts and take away our money to pay us when we are old, we want to control guns ownership. But safety and security are an illusion. This world is inherently unsafe and insecure. We risk our life daily driving on a highway. When we realize that we are not in control, the fear subsides and we feel more freedom.

        And I agree with you, religion puts a lot of emphasis on the idea that we are not in control. It's counter-intuitive, but I also find this idea liberating.

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