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How to captivate others to support once cause trough internet?

A year ago I had the opportunity to test my wings guiding and leading
a great group of slight mentally handicapped to make there own little tv-show.
Confirmation after confirmation that my approach, method and pedagogical skills where just right. Always had the idea to open up a media house partly run by troubled youth and handicapped to help others live out there passion for media making. In the concept inspire creativity, entrepreneurship and build self-esteem and social back. Up to now been targeting in different forms over the internet to gain followers, sponsors and reaction over the internet and different platforms, trough my blog
Getting a hundred hits a day browsing trough my material.
And looking trough the hype of kick-starters, fundraising and buzz,
all wary from the mundain that someone needs a pair of shoes to million dollars to create the next generation game or product. What interests me what makes a ceo, partner or your average joe jump in and do whats right?
Is it the selling captivating story, is it the clever ads and movies, is it a passionate topic thats hot at the moment?? Makes you wonder, because looking from a distance comparing all the causes and startups, they all do it differently and nothing stands out.

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    Mar 16 2013: Hi, Erik. There must be lots of material online about how best to draw attention to your proposal over others. Just know those others have access to the same marketting advice.

    Some factors might be how unique or catchy your message is, how much your concept strikes an emotional chord with people, and how compelling the data are you provide as to the effectiveness of your approach and importance of your outcomes.
    Part of convincing people might be showing that those you know have put their financial support behind you.
    When you say what makes a CEO, partner, or average person jump in and do what is right, that sounds like a different question than asking how to get them to prefer what you offer over other options.

    In terms of your specific interest, there is an organization in Washington State (maybe elsewhere as well) called the Vera project that does something similar, except involving homeless youth in producing media and performances rather than the handicapped.
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    Gail .

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    Mar 16 2013: Guilt and fear are the two methods that charities (religions and politicians) use to manipulate others. Fear works best but if you can combine the two, you're all set.
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    Mar 16 2013: Fritzie, absolutely right on emotional cord. In all I do, I put allot of effort in the emotional aspects,
    not just in art or film I do, but also my interaction with others I work with or for.
    Homing in to the best delivery is the tricky part, as one self is on well-fair and few tools to work with,
    it's a innovated grass root project for sure, all heart and right.
    I truly believe that the most creative, inspiring and more motivational is now being forgotten,
    perhaps even silenced for ever, and just fuels there negative spiral life with just another setback.
    My recent conclusions is to center my efforts locally and directed to Sweden firms, companies and organisations
    . Appreciate any ideas and thoughts, concerning how to succeed with a grassroots project like mine !