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I feel it is time to get rid of political parties.

Political Party's are nothing more than vehicles used to hijack what should be the people system of governing. So maybe it is time to start electing independent candidates whom are free of the party shackles.

It is time we elect candidates who will represent the constituencies , not some gang that control a political party to use for "their" benefit. I feel that these independent canditades sign an agreement to work on behalf of the constituency and if the candidate breaks trust , then they can be recalled.

Maybe it is time the voter / taxpayer had control , not these gangs known as political party's.


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    Mar 22 2013: In the USA we have a "libertarian" party, however, due to libertarians generally being regular people, they do not have the financial backing that the Democrats or the Republicans have... I personally have never been a Democrat or Republican... They are all just one in the same, and there are no lines anymore.

    They are all corrupt. It's just so sad. And I think that our founding fathers are turning in their graves right now...
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      Mar 22 2013: Ronney: We have 5 political party's and we know that 4 of the five are all the same. The one party that has never had a strong presents in our Parlianment would be the Green Party. But due to the control political party's have , it would be a safe bet they too would be no different.

      Corruption within our political system runs rife and until we disembowel them...our vote will alway be exploited ...so they can justify their abuse of power. From what I understand about the libertarian party, they would be no different than the other two party's you have...all take direction from big money.
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        Mar 22 2013: Well said Wayne! Great minds think alike :)


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