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I feel it is time to get rid of political parties.

Political Party's are nothing more than vehicles used to hijack what should be the people system of governing. So maybe it is time to start electing independent candidates whom are free of the party shackles.

It is time we elect candidates who will represent the constituencies , not some gang that control a political party to use for "their" benefit. I feel that these independent canditades sign an agreement to work on behalf of the constituency and if the candidate breaks trust , then they can be recalled.

Maybe it is time the voter / taxpayer had control , not these gangs known as political party's.


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    Mar 15 2013: Time to take back our political system.
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      Mar 16 2013: while i understand your perspective and share some of your ideas, political parties have their uses, at least in the American system of governance. if every citizen was interested in politics and took the time to examine each candidates political stances, a system independent to parties would be viable. but as things stand, political paries allow voters to immediately identify candidates representative of their views. This is especially important when voting of multiple levels of government, like mayors, governors, senators and congressmen.
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        Mar 19 2013: It seems to me the only time a party candidate is representative of the public view is at election time...then once elected , the democratic process come to a grinding hault...until the next election when they once again feel the need to exploite us.

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