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How to destroy the caste and class systems of the world

I would to dimantle the caste system of India and the Class systems in the rest of the world.
All views will be appreciated.

Closing Statement from Mohan Dass

It seems as though tradition and culture cannot be modified and the state of world affairs will remain.

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    Mar 16 2013: Mohan, I think one reason you may not have gotten much response yet to your question is that many of us are not up to date on the caste system in India. For example, are there laws now that prevent or otherwise address discrimination in employment, voting rights, and so forth based on caste? Are there political actions underway making progress in that area?

    A second issue that is unclear to me is whether the caste system is a part of the Hindu religion. If it is built into a religion, the avenues for moving away from it are different than if you are thinking about policy changes that take place through democratic processes.
  • Mar 16 2013: I think if we increase education and wealth of every country people will abandon old class systems in order to embrace and enjoy the benefits of caste and class free society?
  • Mar 16 2013: Gandhi tried it back in the early 20th century and wasn't very successful. I think, whether it's institutionalized by law and custom, or whether it's just something we humans organize into because of our natures, it's part and parcel of our psyches and emotional makeup. I agree it should be destroyed, but how do we destroy an evolutionarily established part of our makeup?
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    Gail .

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    Mar 16 2013: I think it amusing that some answers to this point do not seem to recognize that we live have a class system even here in North America. It's not called one, and it's not as harsh as India's caste system, but it's here. America was once a place where one cold start with nothing and end up a millionaire. It's still possible, but as the disparity of wealth grows, so too does the inability of the poorest to climb out of poverty.

    Class sytems were built into the global fiscal model. There were the wealthiest, who are to be served by both money and the "race of laborers", then there were the race of laborers.

    The majority of the poor children are supposed to die of poverty-related causes (that the wealthiest called "natural law".) This was essential to keep the system thriving and serving the wealthiest.

    to end class systems, end the use of money and start to learn about better ways to protect and serve yourself.
  • Mar 16 2013: This has never happened anyplace. Be careful what you ask for as you might get it. What would you get?
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    Mar 16 2013: Hi Mohan, Could you please elaborate more on this idea?
  • Mar 15 2013: what do you mean class system? because as far as i can tell you are basically saying you will destroy racism ignorance which is impossible in our bias culture