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Would you still do school work if you weren't getting a grade for it?

One of my friends, a straight A student, recently told me that she wouldn't be doing her work if it wasn't being graded. I discussed this with some other friends and they all said the same. Does nobody do work just for the sake of learning now? Or do we need a reward for everything we do and a punishment for everything we don't do?
What would you do?


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    Mar 18 2013: Moreover, the grade focus leads to egocentric competition for approval rather than a valuing of teamwork in learning and creating. My A makes no difference to anyone but me, and even then only insofar as a prospective employer (or teacher or parent) chooses to care about it, so I would rather have the same learning experience but get a B and then spend the remaining time improving my social relations and mental capabilities and enjoyment of living for what interests me, instead of for a superior's approval.

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