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African Innovation and Manufacturing

It seems to me the African continent have all the natural resources to build a modern infrastructure abd be one of the most advanced continent in the world.
Africans consumes all aspects of consumer goods, however none manufactured solely by Africans and available on the world market.
Why this is not possible at the momeny.

  • Mar 17 2013: The problem I have with discussions on Africa is either Europeans prevented them from self development.
    There should be collect responce from all African countries including Africans outside Africa especially USA,Canada, UK, Europe, West Indies especially Trinidad&Tobago.
    The Tobago THA will assist all Africans to have a secure place of residence with advance educational and cultural facilities.
  • Mar 17 2013: Same as India dog eat dog mentality, since some Hindus are vegetarians maybe they will find something else.
    All the Africans outside Africa can get together and pool their resources. The trinidad and Tobago government in the West Indies will give massive grants to Africans to start projects.
    They have the expertise and the political guidance together with strategic planning to assist any nation on earth.
    In Trinidad they advise nation like China, Japan, USA, All of Europe, in matters of science, technology, economics and a world leading carnival!
  • Mar 15 2013: because africa is a never ending cycle of a dog eat dog world that will never advance unless the people themselves choose to and then go through with it which has NEVER happened
  • Mar 15 2013: Before I leave this world I wuld like to see Africans as world leader in the world of science, technology, culture and mainly technical innovations, the salvation to poverty.
    May I invite you to visit Tobago in the West Indies, you will see the dynamics of Africans, and Trinidad how this genius is applied.
  • Mar 15 2013: How much time Africa needs, hard work must be collective and work must be done day and night.
    Go to Trinidad&Tobago in the West Indies especially Tobago and you will see what Africans can do for world commerce, banking, communication, high tech engineers, brilliant politicians, and money transfer business.
    If you are travelling by boat please tell the captain not to go antwhere near Calcutta, or India, anywhere else is acceptable in order to gain entry to Tobago.
    The islands of Trinidad&Tobago are model island nations, corruption nil, murder nil, racial superiority practice nil, this is paradise, please visit Sir.
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    Mar 15 2013: Africa is one of the most promising evolving market of the 21st Century. In his book "Abundance" Peter Diamandis counts emerging Africa as a cornerstone of the coming age of abundance.

    It is becoming increasingly difficult, if not already impossible, to find a consumer product produced solely on one continent. Africa will soon take its place in the global marketplace, and will never need to manufacture anything solely on its own.
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    Mar 15 2013: Because building a great product take lot more than just resources.
    Africans need to e trained and work hard to make a product valuable in all the world
    but it's possible, not in just one night, but soon with hard work and united work of Africans.