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If you try to fail and you succeed, what have you accomplished?

This question reminds me about the liar paradox often discussed in Ancient Greece.

In my opinion, there are two possible contexts related to this question: You try to fail, and you succeed at failing. So in this sense, you have achieved success through failure. The other context is that you try to fail, and you fail to do so meaning you have succeeded. However, overall, you have achieved failure through success.


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  • Mar 29 2013: Frankly I don't like questions about the concepts of success and failure. How do you know success?We never know the word unless we go through failure. That is, relation between success and failure close each other. To solutions to succeed or not to ways to fail doesn't matter what can be true. Appropriate things we have to do are simply trying to hard to just do plans with proud for you and continue to go.

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