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If you try to fail and you succeed, what have you accomplished?

This question reminds me about the liar paradox often discussed in Ancient Greece.

In my opinion, there are two possible contexts related to this question: You try to fail, and you succeed at failing. So in this sense, you have achieved success through failure. The other context is that you try to fail, and you fail to do so meaning you have succeeded. However, overall, you have achieved failure through success.


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    • Mar 22 2013: To say god is good or evil is like saying nature is good or evil. It giveth and it taketh. Thats my god. From the one bacame the physical spiritual hybrid. Conscious light in physical form........at least thats how i could say it in my comic book. But it sounds like I'm just trying to sound cool. I could word it differently.but i do believe it.
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        • Mar 22 2013: God, I would say, is a collective of all things seen and unseen. The great enabler.
        • Mar 22 2013: We cannot answer all questions we raised!
          Capacity is one thing and logic is another thingļ¼
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        • Mar 22 2013: exactly. thats why were here having this conversation. one who enabled all the consequential steps necessary for us to be here right now having this conversation. Justifying drug use or lack thereof is an adult decision and I would never judge or look down upon for ones own choices..... But yeah.... The great enabler.
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        • Mar 22 2013: Wth!....You guided you..... Its your choice.... We were just afforded this chance to be on this rock to make these decisions how ever many billions of years after the great enabler enabled it or do u think this is all just a lucky dice roll.......
    • Mar 22 2013: Or She gave her children infinite freedom to become infinitexxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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