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If you try to fail and you succeed, what have you accomplished?

This question reminds me about the liar paradox often discussed in Ancient Greece.

In my opinion, there are two possible contexts related to this question: You try to fail, and you succeed at failing. So in this sense, you have achieved success through failure. The other context is that you try to fail, and you fail to do so meaning you have succeeded. However, overall, you have achieved failure through success.


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    Mar 19 2013: This is very interesting!

    I think in that case you have successfully failed in your mission. You originally set out to fail and you have achieved your goal (of failing). On the flip side, it means that you had a plan which is good becuase you can retrace your steps and know how you succeeded. You now what failure is and what leads to it. Therefore, in future you will know how to succeed with better results. But this is learning, the long and hard way.

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