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What is the advantage of evolving the ability to cry?

Is it simply a result of evolving the ability for complex emotions?


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  • Mar 21 2013: the ability to cry is absolutely healthy and simply part of being human. the suppression of the feelings that would cause one to cry is what's unhealthy, to my and many other's opinion actually the root of every physical manifestation of pain or dis-ease. Crying in itself can have many different emotional, social, physical, mental and energetic purposes and expressions. In its most "useful", pure form it serves the purpose of releasing blocked energy and for babies and children to communicate their needs and emotional states in order to receive the care and attention that they need to survive and develop successfully into a healthy social being with the ability to manage external as well as internal matters independently.
    very interesting and understandable information on the physical aspect by Sue Gerhardt in her book "Why love matters" http://www.whylovematters.com/
    or on a bit of a strange page but a nice text http://www.reconnections.net/emotions_index.htm
    or by a rather controversial person but with quite some depth to what he has to say about emotions in general http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Tf0LfgQdg8&list=PL74BB47660A6A105B&index=32
    there are so many different takes on the matter of crying and emotions, but it all comes down to the one thing: suppressing them is not healthy and only serves the purpose of fitting in, appearing normal, feeling safe.
    exploring ones own emotions can be a somewhat confusing or frightening experience at first but the moments we decide to embrace them fully are the moments when we are really alive! And it's only gonna get better, there are nice emotions too ;-D every emotion is a good emotion, it just depends on our beliefs about the emotion, such as "a man shouldn't cry or be vulnerable, especially not in front of others", whether we can allow ourselves and others to express whatever needs to be expressed in that moment.
    So, that would be my take on this,
    nice thread :)

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