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What is the advantage of evolving the ability to cry?

Is it simply a result of evolving the ability for complex emotions?


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  • Mar 16 2013: Emotions can stir up a lot of energy in us. Crying is a harmless release of this built up emotional energy; a negative example would be destructive anger (ever punched a wall?). Some people have been taught crying is bad - this may lead to less productive releases of emotional energy - drinking and/or substance abuse ("it's ok to cry if you're drunk"), violence, or emotional detachment. In short, I'd say crying is a healthy release, and yes - allows us to deal with complex emotions.

    It's not all sadness and pain, sometimes it's just a release of overwhelming emotional responses to things such as joyous occasions, powerful music, inspiring speeches etc.. There's all kinds of things that make us well up, including exhibitions of extreme kindness and compassion by other beings.

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