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What is the advantage of evolving the ability to cry?

Is it simply a result of evolving the ability for complex emotions?


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  • Mar 15 2013: When I think about evolving the ability to cry, a certain sociological pattern comes to mind: the difference between crying women and men. This article http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/he-speaks-she-speaks/201101/the-crying-game brings up some fascinating dilemmas we all relate to. Crying can be a very honest and natural experience, like blushing. So it is important to recognize the time that crying becomes more of a psychological complication rather than something that we do not try to control. The culture that I see all around me glorifies tough and unemotional men. Feminism has at times been portrayed as women trying to be tough and unemotional, like men. But this is all bullshit really. Paralyzing to the evolution of an emotionally mature individual is this idea that crying portrays weakness. What needs improvement is the societal norm. If men and women were able to cry without shame, I think a better balance would come to how the two genders interact with each other, and how people see themselves as individuals apart from cliches.

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